digi-armor enerrr-gize (bargain_bin) wrote,
digi-armor enerrr-gize

Why I will never have a girlfriend

This is too funny to leave out of my Livejournal. Immunologists of the world, take heed, and learn from the examples of one of your kind.

In other news, I'm screwed for classes - too much stuff to do on the weekend as well. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to help millions of bacteria simultaneously kick the can, fiendishly ripping apart their peptidoglycan-swathed exteriors to reveal the succulent genetic material that lies within. I'm going to take this DNA, do some modification, and then stab holes in thousands of other bacteria and stuff the DNA inside. Then I'm going to unleash a swarm of antibiotics to kill off the stragglers. After this cold eugenic selection, I'm going to let the few surviving bacteria recover for a couple hours before killing them too, stripping them of their anti-hypotonicity powers and stealing their genetic material to feed my diabolical hunger for knowledge, fame, and power.

I'm thinking of doing a PhD in microbiology after this whole MD schizznat.

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