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Ode to boyfriends

Boyfriends send you text messages every morning to wake you up.

Boyfriends remember what you talked to them about the night before.

Boyfriends groggily answer your phone calls at 7am, after a late night of studying, and always insist that they've gotten enough sleep to talk.

Boyfriends send flowers to arrive at your house at the same time as you arrive home from the airport because they can't be there to do it themselves.

Boyfriends cook for you for days on end and wait for you while you work until 2am, and leave you food for when you get home.

Boyfriends tell you to wrap you up warmly before you go out and ask you several times whether you've gotten cough syrup for your cold.

Boyfriends insist that you live off their income for the entire summer because you are in debt and they are making a little money.

Boyfriends buy you earrings and a Quatchi spontaneously for no reason.

Boyfriends tell you they love you all the time and how much they miss you, and really REALLY mean it.
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