digi-armor enerrr-gize (bargain_bin) wrote,
digi-armor enerrr-gize

This year

This year I...

1. Celebrated the new year at the most southern point in the world
2. Traveled to Newfoundland and Toronto
3. Was elected to the MUS presidency
4. Spent the summer partying and working in Shanghai, and traveled to Taiyuan and Qingdao to discover amazing relatives and karaokeing with them
5. Spent an unforgettable month with Dr. Wong in Maple Ridge, delivered my first babies, living in a beautiful house on the Fraser River with Manuel
6. Went to Saskatoon, witnessed the ridiculousness of medical school presidents
7. Went on another amazing trip to Miami and Las Vegas, partying it up for 2 straight weeks, being offered ecstasy and meeting loads of interesting people
8. Started 3rd year of medical school
9. Am going to see my boy in Amsterdam in December <3
10. Worked up the courage to apply to the MPH at Harvard.

6 trips, 20 plane rides, 13 cities, a beautiful year.
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