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Things I can do with my MD/MPH

Diane's job options right now, in order of priorities:

1. Become a health consultant for McKinsey.
2. Work for the WHO, the ILO, the IOM, the World Bank, the IMF, the UN.
3. Edit the Lancet.
4. Work for the Clinton Foundation.
5. Become a set doctor for movies.
6. Become a Medical Coordinator for Doctors Without Borders.
7. Work for a healthcare NGO.
8. Join the foreign service.
9. Found a vaccination delivery program for a developing country.


105. Enter residency and work as a real doctor.

I need to stay sane, and keep adjusting my attitude to tough out the next 13 weeks of school before Year 3 finishes. I keep telling myself that this is the trial by fire that is testing me in order to make me a better person. I am the knife being sharpened by the grinding stone. I am the pearl being created by the persistent irritation of the mantle of the oyster. And stuff like that.

And then, I finally get to go to Harvard. Talk about being a kid in a candy store. Many a spare moment has been spent on Google Street View, trying to find a perfect house to live in.

Almost done General Surgery - one more week. Then on to Radiation Oncology, then Plastic Surgery, then Pediatrics, then done Year 3!
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