digi-armor enerrr-gize (bargain_bin) wrote,
digi-armor enerrr-gize

Music and Inuvik

My time up north has been a little bit like a classically structured sonata.

I have the exposition: it's slow, it's a discovery, but it's largely on my own as I don't have many social supports. I read, I work, I sleep.

Next comes the development. I meet my roommate. I hang out with the other residents. I meet new staff. I go on trips to the community. My social life becomes much more active and time passes much faster. This crescendoes in a great weekend with a music festival, lots of time making crafts, barbequeing with residents, going to music festivals and dancing, and reminders of Toronto from locums I've worked with back in my home.

But this has to end. So we come to the recapitulation: I'm back to being alone, reading at home. Surrounded by seal skin mitts, a new owl, some beading and an inukshuk. Reading.

There's just a coda left, and I know what it's going to say:

Nobody knows what I'm doing here
And I ain't got a clue
Messin around with these other fools
When I'm not with you
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