digi-armor enerrr-gize (bargain_bin) wrote,
digi-armor enerrr-gize


I'm so into the idea of management consulting for the Swiss McKinsey office after graduation.

It fulfills all of my criteria for a job:

Interesting work.
Can work abroad.
Freedom of international location. (i.e. can be around Manuel)
Excellent compensation - I could potentially get out of debt in one year.

It seems like everything fits: The Zurich office is one of McKinsey's top three for healthcare consulting. Manuel will likely be in Switzerland at that time for diplomacy school. I could therefore be around, stay with him, and be working on something I really enjoy (well, I guess diplomacy school would be in Bern. But Bern-Zurich would sure beat the hell out of Vancouver-Zurich.)

I might be blowing this out of proportion as I tend to do. And this is still another two years from now. Let's wait and see what happens.

Gah, so impatient!
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